Thursday, April 21, 2011


ak sgt2 laa berkira..
mari kita mengira..1,2,3,4....
sape pndai mengira sila agkt tgn mcm saye...
ok2..bck to main topic..

asl ak berkira sgt2 nie ea???
ak nk removekn sft
semakin nk remove,semakin kuat sft2 melekat..
so camne??
then,when i try by one da memories i had were flashback..
especially..da bad ones laa kan...
dat y i cannot terminate dis behavior..
when i thought bck...
always da other part of me (evil part) whispers very very very close to my ears..

"time ko sakit dulu sape je yg tlg...
tme ko prlukn bantuan bkn ke ko mengagahkn diri gerak sorg2 evn ko sakit...snggp lnggr a result IT becomes worst"...

so when dis negative thinking come..wut shall i do??
shall i be blamed for having this bad behavior??*thinking*
that y there is quote saying

"u know ur frenz when ur sick only"

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