Thursday, October 27, 2011

hanamichi sakuragi

i like this game very much..
juz like only..
i know the rules of this game..
i know the terms use..
slam dunk,lay-up,jump shot n etc...
i don't know how to play..
i juz love seeing dis games..
whose influence me???
of coz laa SHOHOKU player no 10

guess who??

red head..

SHOHOKU => kaide,hanamichi,ryochin,mitsui n gori a.k.a akagi

actually i don know much bout da players..
juz a few n femez only..
yao ming, michael jordan, kim kardashian's n eva longoria's hubby, mmm...
who else??

nmpk smart je org yg main bsktball nie...

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