Friday, June 1, 2012


sob sob sob~~~~
n.ak balik.............
too many things occur
now u know da feeling being left alone...
dat wut i felt...
not once but many many many times..countless indeed...
it really really hurt when people around me keep asking
"knpa xikot diorg g ........?"
how can i answer dat if i never know
i let it bury in my heart...
too many things i kept it...
dat i felt one day it will b exploded...
hopefully not before 21 june 2012...
when dat happen..
wut i need is my family...
i can forget it
n continous live in happiness..
some times when it happened..
i want do da same like others..
shout it in social media..(like wut i did now...)
i mean others than this..
tell the world ur feeling
easy rite
n people will blame others...
it bad to read such negative comments that u know directly point to ur face!!!!
i kept thinking the negative impact
and is it appropriate ways???
if it can ease urselves..
than dat gud......
i never try i cannot tell it....
well...i will find friend...
who i can tell my problems...
spend a days with her so i can keep smile in my face...
for my own sake...
i'm not telling them my dissatisfaction...
cause i know they will ignore it
how do u know??
u never try it..
lgpon x tough laaa kan jiwa lembut
when i flashback..
i think i'm such a petty person...
i smile all the times..
but that don't mean i'm happy..
luckily only 25 days left
when i said i will not contact anyone after this...
i guess i really mean it...
let count the days now~~~

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